LAW 90


A. Director’s Authority

The Director, in addition to implementing the

rectifications in these Laws, may also assess

procedural penalties for any offense that unduly

delays or obstructs the game, inconveniences

other contestants, violates correct procedure, or

requires the award of an adjusted score.

B. Offenses Subject to Procedural Penalty

The following are examples of offenses subject

to procedural penalty (but the offenses are not

limited to these):

1. arrival of a contestant after the specified starting time.

2. unduly slow play by a contestant.

3. discussion of the bidding or play, which may be overheard at another table.

 4. unauthorized comparison of scores with

another contestant.

5. touching or handling of cards belonging to

another player (see Law 7).

6. placing one or more cards in an incorrect

pocket of the board.

7. errors in procedure (such as failure to count

cards in one’s hand, playing the wrong

board, etc.) that require an adjusted score

for any contestant.

8. failure to comply promptly with instructions of the Director.