Director’s Authority

The Director may  assess

penalties for any offense that unduly

delays or obstructs the game, inconveniences

other contestants, violates correct procedure, or

requires the award of an adjusted score.

The Directors decision is final.

Points can be deducted for any violation.


     Tardiness, late to the table

     Slow play

    Misplacing cards in the board

    Talking loudly

    Discussion of the bidding, play or result of any board

    Violating partnership agreements

    Playing the wrong board

    Loudly snapping one's cards

    Sitting in improper direction (Howell Movement)

    Failing to count cards

    Failing to lead face down

    Touching anothers cards

    Telling partner that completed tricks are pointed in the

                    wrong direction except the one just played

                     N/S who failed to check the E/W pair number

     Detaching card before it is your turn to play

     Mixing tricks together before results have been agreed upon

     Engaging in unacceptable behavior (See Zero Tolerance Violation)

     Dummy infractions:

          Calling attention to an irregularity

          Calling the director during play unless for a Procedural Penalty

          Commenting on play

          Looking at a defenders hand

     Different designation for the same call

     Expressing approval or disapproval of a call or play

     Commenting during auction or play

     Varying tempo deliberately

     Staring at a player or at card location

     Anticipating the win/loss of a uncompleted trick

     Exiting the table without good reason before the round is called

     Showing lack of interest in the deal (e.g. folding one's cards

     Arguing with the Director over his/her decision


Note; It is the decision of the Director to determine if a violation has occurred.

                   The Director's decision is final